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Background of Titanium

In 1791, an England minister William Gregor found a new metal in magnetite. A German Chemist M.H.Klaproth found this metal in 1795 while researching TiO2, and named it Titans. In the year of 1910, an American scientist first made pure titanium by commenting TiCI using Natrium. A Luxembourg scientist W.J.Kroll made Pure titanium by using magnesium in 1940. Since then, magnesium commenting and natrium commenting become the ways of manufacturing titanium sponge in industry. America manufactured 2 tons of titanium sponge by magnesium commenting in 1948. And then England, Japan China started manufacturing in large quantity.

Titanium is a new metal, and is widely used because of its superior property, including aero space, chemical processing, petroleum, light industry, metallurgy, power generation and other industries. It is strong, and tensile strength of pure titanium can be 180kg/mm2. Titanium alloy have good thermal stability and low temperature toughness, so it is applied in plane engine, rocket and missile. In petroleum industry, it is mainly used as containers, reactors, heat exchangers, vaporizers, pipes and valves. Titanium is also used as electrode and radiator and pollution control apparatus. In medical industry, it can be made as bones and some other apparatus. Titanium pigment is superior material of pigment and paint.

Basic information of titanium

It lasts more than one hundred years from discovering titanium to making pure titanim products. Actual application of titanium starts from last 40's. 0.6% of the 10 kms' stratum is titanium which is 61 times of copper. A titanium mine of more than 10 mt is not uncommon. On the beaches there are billions tons of sands, and titanium and zirconium is mixed in the sands. With the washing and pushing by the sea for millions of years, titanium and zirconium are washed togather along the sea side.

Titanium is not magnetic, so titanium made nuclear don't need to worry about magnetic mines.In the year of 1947, People started smelting titanium in the factories, and the total out put is merely 2 tons. In 1955, the out put rushed to 20,000 tons. In 1972 the quantity rised 200,000 tons. Titanium is almost as strong as steel, but its density is half of steel. Titanium is a bit heavier than aluminum, but it's 2 times stronger than aluminum. Now titanium replaces steel in large quantity in rockets and missiles.

Titanium has good heat resistance with its melting point 1725℃. In the normal temperature, titanium can keep good condition in various strong acid and alkali, even in aqua fortis. Titanium don't fear the sea water. Someone made a experiment. He leave a brick of titanium in the seabed, and it is still shining as it is taken out 5 years after that. Now titanium is utilized in the manufacturing of submarine. Because of its high strenth, titanium made submarin can sail in the 4500 meters' deep sea.

The largest problem of titanium is hard to extract. Because titanium is very easy to combine with other elements, such as oxygen, carbon and nitrogen. So we must keep these elements away from titanium during either smelting or casting. While smelting titanium, air and water are forbiden to get close, and even alumina crucible is not utilized. Because titanium will get the oxygen from alumina. In fact this property is used in smelting steel. While smelting steel, titanium is put into molten steel, so that nitrogen will be combined first with titanium before steel. This process makes the steel pure.

When supersonic speed planes is aviating, its wings' temperature may rise to 500 ℃. Although high heat resistant aluminum alloy is used to make the wings, it can't work if the temperature is high than 300℃. Titnaium can meet this extreme requirements. It's light, strong enough and can keep will at the extreme high temperature.

Titanium dioxide is a kind of white powder, and is the most white object and best white pigment. One gram of titanium dioxide can make an area of 450 mm2 extreme white. It is 5 times whiter than normal white pigment.