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Advantages and instructions for the application of titanium tube in Power Plant --- ( 2014-11-13)

By doing a lot of trials and application examples,technically or economically speaking,it has proved that titanium tubes have great advantages used in power plant condenser,for instance,the price for Japanese 1000Mw Condener tubes(approximately 50000 condenser tubes) in year 1983,if the working life is 40 years,Aluminum brass tube will be leaked 10 pieces a year,but titanium tube will be zero leaked for 40 years.Following to talk about three issues we have to solve for the titanium tube's application in power plant:

1.Corrision Problem

  Seawater as condenser's cooling water in coastal power plant,because seawater contains large amounts of sediment,suspended matter,marine life and a variety of corrosive substances.Copper pipe will be corrosived by ways of:general corrosion,collapse pitting,erosion and stress corrosion.Because titanium has excellent corrosion resistance, accident of titanium condenser's leakage has been controlled,but,unlike copper alloy tube generates toxic substances,titanium tube is easily generated sea-biofouling due to good corrosion resistance,which could affect the heat transfer ability,so it must have the appropriate cleaning device.

2.Hydrogen absorption problem

  Although titanium surface has dense passivation film,strongly corrosion resistance in many heavy corrosive media,but titanium and hydrogen has great affinity,very easy to absorb hydrogen in room temperature,faster in high temperature(for example 100 degree).

3.Vibration problem

  Even titanium tube has good corrosion resistance,couldn't be leaked.But titanium can be damaged by vibration.To avoid this problem,we have to place appropriate distance between two plates when produce Condenser;In the transformation of old unit,we must check the distance first whether it is suitable for titanium tube.

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