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“for lighter” BMW M4 refit exhaust system by titanium --- ( 2014-09-29)

As is known to all, the body weight for a car's performance has a great influence,even there is a sentence said"10 kilos lighter are better than horsepower 10p increasing", and titanium has good advantage in weight, strength, corrosion resistance, and durability, it's quite suitable for manufacturing a light exhaust system, from Germany-Auspuffanlagen co., LTD. Is a specialized manufacturing titanium alloy exhaust system manufacturer, recently,they've created a set of products with both good performance and lightweight properites for BMW M4.


BMW M4(designed by Auspuffanlagen team) is abbreviated LW(LightWeight) M4.In order to make the M4 lighter,they prepared carbon fiber materials for car's front spoiler,infinite adjustable rear spoiler,and a titanium exhaust system.As their plan in future,they are about to make it more lighter,including interior dismantling,bucket seat equiping,and roll installing.



The titanium exhaust system is not only lighter,but also more free exhaust,and it's unique voice is also another advantage.The built-in variable valve is made of stainless steel,it can provide different opening degree according to owner's happy,both sound and performance can meet your requirements.