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Singapore Nanyang Technological University invented a new titanium dioxide battery. --- ( 2014-11-03)

Charging only needs 2 minutes.

Scientists from Singapor Nanyang Technological University(NTU hereinafter) invented a battery which can be quick charged,two minutes can be charged to 70%,and the working life of battery is over 20 years,it is more than ten times than current Lithium-ion batteries.

NTU replaced graphite as anode in traditional lithium-ion batteries with new gel material (titanium dioxide),which is widely used in paint and sunscreen.NTU found a way of that titanium dioxide can be converted to a fine tiny nanotubes which is more than thousand times thinner than human hair,can accelerate the chemical reaction in the battery to achieve ultra-fast charging.Because it doesn't need additives,the battery can store more energy than Lithium-ion batteries in the same space.The preparation of this new gel material is very simple,only needs to mix titanium dioxide and sodium hydroxide together,stir at a certain temperature.

The new titanium dioxide battery can be charged fully within five minutes,same with current vehicle refueling time.And its working life is long,can save a lot of battery replacement costs.It will have a significant impact to the development of electric vehicles.

The new battery has authorized a company to manufacture,it is expected to be in marketing within two years.

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