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Titanium price on 21th,Oct. --- ( 2014-10-21)

  Domestic market:

  Mainstream market of Titanium sponge is stable.Even there are many inquiries,but less real deal,difference between transcation price and quote is 2k~3k RMB/Ton,some manufacturer's quote is upto 5.2k RMB/Ton.But transcation price for 0# titanium sponge is only between 4.8k~5k RMB/Ton,1# titanium sponge is between 4.7k~4.9k RMB/Ton.Most business still has good expectation on the market outlook,short-term market is expected to continue to maintain stability.

  Fe Ti mainstream market continues to go stable.Some manufacturers intend to increase the price because of less stock of 70% Fe Ti in the market,but the rising trend has not yet began.30% Fe Ti has more stocks in the market,and downstream industry-steel factory has more tender compared to last month,so trade situation is not bad.Current transcation price for 30% Fe Ti is between 9.8k~10.8k RMB/Ton,70% Fe Ti is between 30k RMB/Ton.

  International Market:

  Oversea titanium market is again going to down,MB Fe Ti was quoted at USD6~6.05/kg on 17th,Titanium scrap with high Tin grade was quoted at USD1.45~1.6/pound,low Tin grade was quoted at USD1.6~1.75/pound,all is stable;Australian ilmenite was quoted at USD150~165/Ton,downward USD5;Bulk rutile was quoted USD900~1000/Ton,downward USD30;Rutile in bags was quoted USD840~920/Ton,downward USD20.Forecasted that oversea titanium market is difficult to get rid of the weak situation in the short term.