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Japan Toho Titanium Company will invest a joint venture to produce titanium sponge --- ( 2014-10-30)

Japan Toho Titanium Company announced in 22th,Jan.2014,they will cooperated with Saudi National Industrial Company(Tasnee) and Saudi National Titanium Dioxide Company(Cristal,the world's second largest manufacturer of titanium dioxide)  to set up a joint venture producing titanium sponge in Saudi Arabia.The purpose of joint venture establishing is to promote the diversification of Saudi domestic industry,to strengthen industrial cooperation between Japan and Saudi Arabia,to enhance Japan Toho Titanium Copany's competitiveness in the titanium industry.

The new company is located in the city of Yanbu in Saudi Arabia,Japan Toho Titanium holds 35.0%,Tasnee holds 32.5% and Cristal holds 32.5%.The new company is adjacent to Titanium Dioxide Plant(Cristal),utilize titanium tetrachloride which is from Cristal steady supply as raw materials.The new company will reply on Toho Titanium Company's Advanced production technology and competitive energy costs to produce titanium sponge with high quality and competitive price.their products will give priority to meet demand of industrial application from Gulf Countries,such as desalination plants,power plants and chemical plants,remaining allocation will be decided by Japan Toho Titanium Company.

New Company Informations:
1,Company name is undetermined
2,Located in the city of Yanbu,Saudi Arabia
3,Management struction is undetermined
4,production line and sales in Saudi Arabia
5,Capital is upto 0.11 billion US Dolloars
6,Founded in 2014
7,Plant capacity:15,600Tons/Year

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