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Health Travel-Pure titanium products make your outdoor equipment better. --- ( 2014-10-24)

Titanium density is smaller than stainless steel,weight of 550ml titanium kettle is only 99g,but same specification stainless steel is around twice titanium's.During travel,lighter equipment means high efficiency,titanium products can well release traveler's load if it applies to outdoor activities.The strength of titanium is great,it can be comparable to stainless steel,and far more better than the same lightweight aluminum products.When climbing,impact is inevitable,even if dropped onto a stone bottle,it's still intact.In a emergent situation,titanium kettle can even be emergent support.

The surface of Titanium products has a layer of density oxidation film,at room temperature,it can be well adapted to the various environment,no need spraying,titanium kettle itself possess strong corrision resistant.facing with weak acid or alkali substance in outdoor,titanium kettle can freely meet it,regardless of water or rain,rocks or vegetation,titanium kettle cann't be corrosive if directly contact.Since there is no painting to the whole kettle,it presents a unique gray titanium products,also can be heated directly on the fire.

For example,there are two materials can be kettle lid-titanium and rubber,considering the product's corrosion resistant and health,the nature of pure titanium lid will be more better.Titanium products is completely harmless to human body,so it's ok to pour boiling water or food into titanium material container.Single layer titanium kettle doesn't have insulation function.You can heat it directly while kettle lid doesn't tighten,and can make the water better.