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Titanium sponge's quotes in China on 21th,Oct.2019 --- ( 2019-10-21)

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Titanium alloy SuperCar exhibited in Shanghai Auto Show,price is more than USD10,000,000 --- ( 2019-04-29)

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Advantages and instructions for the application of titanium tube in Power Plant --- ( 2014-11-13)

By doing a lot of trials and application examples,technically or economically speaking,it has proved that titanium tubes have great advantages used in power plant condenser,for instance,the price for Japanese 1000Mw Condener tubes(approximately 50000Read more>>

A titanium sponge project with annual output of 30000 tons will be set up in Shayuan --- ( 2014-11-06)

In mid October,Xiantao municipal government signed an agreement with Chaoyang Parkson Group about titanium sponge manufacturing base build in Shayuan with an annual production capacity of 30000 tons. Chairman of Chaoyang Parkson Group Liu Yuanqing,GMRead more>>

Singapore Nanyang Technological University invented a new titanium dioxide battery. --- ( 2014-11-03)

Charging only needs 2 minutes. A scientists from Singapor Nanyang Technological University(NTU hereinafter) invented a battery which can be quick charged,two minutes can be charged to 70%,and the working life of battery is over 20 years,it is more thRead more>>

Japan Toho Titanium Company will invest a joint venture to produce titanium sponge --- ( 2014-10-30)

Japan Toho Titanium Company announced in 22th,Jan.2014,they will cooperated with Saudi National Industrial Company(Tasnee) and Saudi National Titanium Dioxide Company(Cristal,the world's second largest manufacturer of titanium dioxide) to set up a joRead more>>

The stockpile of titanium raw materials --- ( 2014-10-28)

"Wall Street Journal" quoted informed sources and reported that Boeing and United Technologies has begun hoarding titanium parts manufactured by Russian producer-VSMPO-Avisma.They started the scheme in order to avoid further tensions in US-Russia relRead more>>

The best cursh resistance-Iphone 6 exterior shell made by Titanium --- ( 2014-10-27)

The titanium Iphone 6 exterior cover is designed by Gresso,which possess strongest hardness and with good cursh resistance.Besides,the design and touch feeling give us impression of "High grade,High end and classy".But the price is really also impreRead more>>

Titanium foams replace injured bones --- ( 2014-10-26)

Flexible yet rigid like a human bone, and immediately capable of bearing loads: A new kind of implant, made of titanium foam, resembles the inside of a bone in terms of its structural configuration. Not only does this make it less stiff than conventiRead more>>

Health Travel-Pure titanium products make your outdoor equipment better. --- ( 2014-10-24)

Titanium density is smaller than stainless steel,weight of 550ml titanium kettle is only 99g,but same specification stainless steel is around twice titanium's.During travel,lighter equipment means high efficiency,titanium products can well release trRead more>>