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Titanium Sheet/Plate/Foil/Strip

is a material with stable state in normal temperation,small density,heavy strength.Titanium density is only half of steel but strength is almost same with steel.It has good properties of high temperation resistant,low temperation resistant,corrision resistant.Strength of alloy titanium is far more heavy than steel.Titanium is titled "Space Metal",it can stay high strength and same mechanical property in scope of -253 degree ~ 500 degree temperation.Titanium is also titled "Pro-biological Metal",it can be well compatible with human body and bone,even titanium bone can be substituted human bone when it breaks.It can be produced to various shape,such as titanium sheet,titanium plate,titanium strip and titanium foil.

Executive Standard:

Option 1:ASTM B265 is standard specification for titanium and titanium alloy strip,sheet and plate issued by ASTM
Option 2:ASME SB265 is standard specification for titanium and titanium alloy strip,sheet and plate issued by ASME
Option 3:ASTM F67-Standard specification for unalloyed titanium for surgical implant applications
Option 4:ASTM F136-Standard specification for wrought titanium-6aluminum-4vanadium ELI(Extra Low Interstitial)                   alloy for surgical implant applications
Option 5:AMS 4928-Standard specification for titanium for aerospace applications


Unalloyed Titanium
Grade 1;Grade 2;Grade 3;Grade 4
Titanium Alloy
Grade 5(Ti 6Al 4V)
Titanium Alloy
Grade 7(Ti Pd)
Titanium Alloy
Grade 9(Ti 3Al 2V;Semi-Grade 5)
Titanium Alloy
Grade 12(Ti Mo Ni)
Titanium Alloy
Grade 23(Ti 6Al 4V ELI)


It's widely used in aerospace,ships and vessels,plate heat exchanger,plane fabrication,mechanical application,medical application,implant and surgical application,glasses manufacture,golf manufacture,sea water desalting,etc.

Titanium plateTitanium foilTitanium sheetTitanium strip