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Cooperation between Hitachi and JTR --- ( 2014-09-23)

As many people known,Japanese company prefers cooperate with supplier through their Agent to direct with,we are the same experience.

Years ago,we couldn't remember how we can get in touch with their Agent,but we had been keep in touch with their Agent for many times.Until one day,their Agent gave us a RFQ,asked us to give them an Official Quotation.We soonly prepared all and submitted to them.Time flies,we received their answer till one month later,they want make a visit and inspection to us.We cetainly welcomed them to be here!

On a sunny day,we picked their Agent at airport,and took them to our factory.We had a long conversation at our meeting room first,and then went to our workshop to production line check,lab check,non comforing product manage check,and so on.From signal of their face,we think that they were satisfied with our factory.After all view of our factory,we returned to meeting room.They said they will need more quantity of titanium plate for fabrication of their sea water desalting device,but hoped we can give some discount.In view of their quantity increased much,we agreed the discount.We soonly corrected the quantity and unit price in the Sales Contract,and both signed and stamped.The deal was done.

After deposit arrived,we started production,and instructed our factory production department to pay more attention to the tolerance,flatness and surface of titanium sheet,which were points of customer most concerned problems.

After One and half month,we finished production on schedule.They flied to us and did site inspection piece by piece at our factory.Inspection almost costed us whole day,they only thought two piece of titanium sheet's flatness didn't match their requirement(0.5~1/1000mm),we classfied it as non-confoming product.It meant that all rest of sheets can be loaded and shipped.We had wonderful dinner together at that night.

Based on C&F intercomes,we arranged shipment and informed customer all informations,they soonly arranged the Insurance.Everything went smoothly.

Around one month later,we emailed customer and asked them to comment on our product.They answered that almost 1/3 titanium sheet's flatness didn't match their requirement,asked us to ship it back and re-precess.We feel it's a serious event,submitted the event to our leader,our leader shortly instructed us to asked customer to send us a report about the 1/3 flatness problems.They sent us a report one day later,we studied it and found that all they thought there were flatness problem only by eyes,it's a little tiny curve by eye watching.We didn't know what will be standard for the flatness,so we asked customer what will be standard,they answered that it's ok if there no apparent curve by eye watching.Our leader had a meeting about this problem,final desicion was that we accepted customer's requriement,ship it bakc and do re-process.All charges will be Seller's.

After received the sheets,we did re-process,and asked their Agent to do site inspection again.Their Agent found that this time was best and must be satisfied by Hitachi.

We re-exported these 1/3 titanium sheets,and cared all.After they received,did inspection one by one at their warehouse,and gave us a great comments.All was good and very satisfied.

Anyway,we thanks for customer's patiance to be with us and their supports!!