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Cooperation between Israel customer and JTR --- ( 2014-09-18)

The customer is urgently looking for titanium sheet offer from all of the world for their titanium equipment fabrication.Finally they choose Chinese Supplier,and they find us at was premium member of Google,our advertisments was listed at the right of Top 10)

At the very beginning of our negotiation,we have great communication and quote them good price,which they are very interested in and satisfied.Because this is our first deal,they do worry about our quality,after several phone communications,we suggested them to employ a quality inspector(SGS) before shipment and payment,they agreed the proposal eventually.Customer give us turst and we must pay back to them. 

We draft Sales Contract and Proforma Invoice to them,and soon they confirm all,we sign it with both stamp and signature. 

After get little advance payment from client,we start production according to our Sales Contract terms.Around 25days,we finish it.We inform them the good news through mail.And they are very satisfied with our efficient works,because we improve the production schedule.They instruct the third party inspector-SGS to do site inspection at our factory.We warmly welcome and pick up their inspector at airport.Inspector firstly require us to do instruments calibraction at some well-known institute,we find one which is approved by them.After calibraction,the institute issue a report shows that our instruments are ok and applicable,inspector and us get a copy of the report respectively. 

After all,inspector start doing inspection as per standard of ASTM B265,grade 2 for titanium sheet we produced,quantity check,net weight check,surface check,chemical compostition analysis,mechanical property analysis,etc.It's around 7 o'clock when we finished all inspection works,and inspector say that they need some days to do the analysis.We have a dinner together in a happy and joyful atmosphere.

As inspector said,they issue a report after several days,which show that all properties of our titanium sheets are comply with ASTM B265.Inspector send customer as well us a email encolsed this report.Customer soon pay the rest of payment and ask us to ship the cargo immediately.We follow our client's request and arrange the shipment very quick,and inform client the date of shipment when settled.Everything goes smoothly and we submit all relevant full set of documents to them by Courier(DHL).When client collect the cargos and give us a great comment,the quality and service are good.This is one of our story with our client.