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JTR Certificate for titanium sheet inspected by SGS --- ( 2019-10-28)

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JTR Certificate for titanium sheet according to ASTM B265 --- ( 2019-10-23)

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Cooperation between Hitachi and JTR --- ( 2014-09-23)

As many people known,Japanese company prefers cooperate with supplier through their Agent to direct with,we are the same experience. Years ago,we couldn't remember how we can get in touch with their Agent,but we had been keep in touch with their AgenRead more>>

Cooperation between Israel customer and JTR --- ( 2014-09-18)

The customer is urgently looking for titanium sheet offer from all of the world for their titanium equipment fabrication.Finally they choose Chinese Supplier,and they find us at was premium member of Google,our advertisments was listedRead more>>